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Page last updated or reviewed: September 16, 2022 (move obsolete photos to archive)
2022 status: All photos showing the original freeway, prior to LBJ Express and LBJ East, have been moved to the I-635 archive page.
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Sign on Preston at LBJ (Photo date: 18-Nov-2007)
LBJ Street sign in Farmers Branch, which is between I-35E and the Dallas North Tollway. (Photo date: 18-Nov-2007)
Signs at Preston on November 15, 2008. (Photo date: 15-Nov-2008)
Drilling rigs were visible at the far western end of I-635 in 2007. This rig is at the southeast corner of I-635 and TX 121, with I-635 to the left of this image. These wells apparently found much less natural gas than the drilling firm was hoping for. (Photo date: 10-Oct-2007)
High resolution The western section of I-635, from TX 121 to I-35E, is the most recently built section (completed 1979-1981) and has the best design standards. The corridor is so wide that it is difficult to photograph. This view looks west from Olympus. (Photo date: 24-March-2007)
High resolution This view looks west along the westbound frontage road just west of MacArthur. (Photo date: 24-March-2007)
High resolution Looking west from the MacArthur overpass. (Photo date: 24-March-2007)
Looking east from the Coit Road overpass. This is the High Five interchange at US 75. (Photo date: 19-May-2007)
Looking east along the eastbound frontage road at Coit. The frontage road penetrates through the interchange. I-635 is on the third level of the five-level interchange. (Photo date: 19-May-2007)
High resolution This is on the east side of the High Five, looking toward the west (Photo date: 20-Oct-2007)
High resolution Looking south at the US 80 interchange. The design of this interchange is very similar to the original I-30 interchange, which was demolished in 2022 for the LBJ East project. (Photo date: 29-Apr-2007)
High resolution Looking north from Gross Road toward the US 80 interchange ahead. (Photo date: 29-Apr-2007)
High resolution Looking north at New Market. (Photo date: 29-Apr-2007)
Looking south just north of Elam. The end of I-635 at I-20 is just ahead. (Photo date: 29-Apr-2007)